At Nationwide Industries, we are very proud to be able to provide diverse manufacturing capabilities for all of your home construction and fencing needs. Click on a category below for more information.

Fence Hardware
Choose from a wide range of material and design options for your custom or standard gate hardware needs.

Window and Door Components
Within the standard categories of sliding door and window rollers, patio door handle sets, bay bow kits, hinges, sash locks and sweep locks, we offer endless potential for custom options and proprietary new designs.

Storm/Screen Door and Enclosure Components
Standard and custom sizes and materials are available for cable ties, closer kits and a wide variety of enclosure components.

OEM and Custom Parts
We cater to a wide range of industries. Our capabilities allow us to produce, adapt and design virtually any custom part.

With integrated teamwork, our design, engineering, manufacturing and customer service teams are able to produce quick and efficient solutions to the growing needs of our customers.

For fast, reliable and quality production and service, please contact us today.