13 Essential Rules for the Backyard Pool

May 10, 2022

This summer there’s no quicker trip to fun in the sun than a swim in your own backyard pool. And, while splashing in the water or a relaxing float can be the ideal way to cool down, before opening your pool for the season, it’s important to prioritize safety and security by putting the proper precautions in place.

Check out our pool safety checklist.

Install a Safety System and Pool Barriers

1. Pool fencing and signage is required in all 50 states. Do your research to learn the regulations enforced by your local government. Remember to investigate your community ordinances, which may include additional pool safety measures

2. Invest in a self-closing or self-locking gate, or update existing hardware — restricting unsupervised access to pool areas

3. Secure your pool with an alarm and detect uninvited or unexpected guests to your pool area

4. Fit your pool with a cover – this will prevent anyone from falling into the water and provide many other maintenance benefits

5. Test your pool water regularly to ensure it is a safe place to swim

6. Guard against underwater accidents with a pool drain cover

Establish and Enforce Pool Safety Rules

7. Set and clearly communicate pool safety protocols for both children and adults, like no unaccompanied kids in the pool area

8. Assign lifeguard duties to at least one of the adults who are present, this will help to ensure that someone is responsible for watching out for all swimmers

Be Prepared

9. Take a CPR training course. As a pool owner, you will always be prepared for an emergency by learning life-saving techniques that may be necessary in a crisis

10. Keep a cell phone handy when people are swimming, in case you need to call for help

11. Invest in safety equipment for inexperienced swimmers – life jackets and arm bands in a variety of sizes that can support swimmers of all sizes

12. Always have an emergency life ring buoy on-hand

13. Enroll in swimming lessons – learning to swim reduces the risk of drowning by 88%

Now that you’ve put these pool safety measures in place, you can have confidence that you’ve created a worry-free space that family and friends can enjoy all season long.

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