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Together we can create safer pool environments

Nationwide Industries is taking a stand to help prevent senseless accidents in and around the pool. According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1-4. 77% of drownings from pool related accidents involve children 5 years and younger. On average, 1.06 children die each day from a preventable drowning in the United States–around 390 deaths per year.

Main Reasons Pool Related Accidents Happen

  • Missing or ineffective pool safety fences or childproof barriers
  • Lack of adult supervision
  • Insufficient swimming skills
  • Alcohol Use

Nationwide Industries Top Pool Safety Tips

Swimming pools and spas are great places for family fun. It’s important to ensure everyone follows these simple safety steps to stay safer in and around the water. Here’s how you can help reduce child drownings and entrapments.

Door Alarm

77% of children involved in a home drowning accident had been missing for no more than five minutes when they were found in the swimming pool, a door alarm can bring immediate attention to someone near a pool

Pool Barrier

Four-sided pool fences with a proper pool latch surrounding swimming pools can reduce the risk of drownings by 80%

Swimming Lessons

Start children early on with swimming skills that could be life-saving such as ISR Self-Rescue Survival Swimming Lessons

Adult Supervision

Drowning can happen quickly & quietly, 70% of those involved in a drowning accident weren’t expected to be in or near the pool at that time.

Swim Sober

As many as 70% of all water recreation injuries and deaths had alcohol involved in some manner

Safety Precautions

Always have an emergency life ring buoy on-hand. You can also invest in safety equipment for inexperienced swimmers – life jackets and arm bands in a variety of sizes that can support swimmers of all sizes.

Our Commitment

Pool Protection Solutions by Nationwide Industries

Nationwide Industries is committed to reduce the number of child drownings by offering the following product solutions. Pool protection doesn’t just start at the pool. Perimeter fencing, pool cages, and pool safety fences all offer layers of protection to your pool and backyard.

1 – C2H350F

This Heavy-Duty Self-Closing Fully Adjustable Hinge to be sure your gate closes behind you every time and lasts for up to one million cycles.

View C2H350F

2 – KTLRV400

The Keystone Traverse 400 locks and unlocks from both sides offering the ultimate solution for a locking gate latch.

View KTLRV400

3 – Auto-Hold-Kit

The preferred closer kit for pool cage and screen doors includes a jamb bracket, handle set, and a push to engage closer tube.

View Auto-Hold Kit

4 – NW6219

The Billy Bib Screen Bypass Water System allows a hose to come inside the pool cage without having to open a cage door.

View NW6219

5 – Trident

The Trident Magnetic Pool Latch is the ultimate pool safety latch with a SAFE-NOTCH feature to deter climbing incidents.

View Trident

Getting the Pool Season Ready

Opening the pool for the season can be a time consuming task. We’ve created a quick checklist on the top items that need attention to open the pool properly and safely.

Pool Safety Resources

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