3 Safety Tips to Secure the Backyard Pool

May 25, 2022

Offer your customers year-round protection

As a pool and outdoor living professional, you understand the beauty and the risks of residential backyard pools. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), children ages one to three represent the largest group of reported fatalities or injuries occurring in residential pool and spa settings. If you’re finishing up a new backyard pool project or providing maintenance and other services for your customer’s outdoor living area, add perimeter security options to your list.

Safety barriers don’t have to be eyesores. They can be beautiful and safe so that the backyard swimming pool area is enjoyable all year round. For homeowners with small children and pets, err on the side of caution and incorporate a perimeter security plan into your project.

We’re sharing three safety tips and five Nationwide Industries’ product solutions to secure the backyard pool while keeping an aesthetically appealing backyard. Start by looking at the property or lot in three layers (like peeling an onion). Refer to the aerial view of the pool protection solutions graphic.

Safety Tip #1 – Perimeter Fencing: Typically, the first thing people see when approaching a home is the perimeter fence, whether it’s vinyl, wood, chain link, or ornamental. It encloses the backyard or the entire lot offering privacy, security, and the first defense against unwelcome entry.

Add heavy-duty hinges, like Nationwide Industries’ CornerStone 2 heavy-duty self-closing fully adjustable hinge (C2H350F), featured as product one (1) on our aerial view of the pool protection solutions graphic. It includes a self-closing option on a fence gate to ensure complete closure. Couple that with our Keystone Traverse 400 locking latch from both sides (KTLRV400), featured as product two (2), with an option for reversible mounting for installation on various post sizes without having to drill holes, saving time and labor on the job site.

Safety Tip #2 – Pool Cage: A pool cage, typically made of aluminum material and mesh screening, is an excellent option for the next level of security and can provide shade and can also keep bugs, debris, and anything else out of the pool area that shouldn’t be there. Secure the pool cage door with our Quick-Stop Auto-Hold Closure Kit (see product 3) to allow easy access with a push of a button instead of a stop ring.

For added convenience, include our Billy Bib Screen Bypass Water System (NW6219) that allows a homeowner to easily and quickly clean off the pool deck, fill the pool to optimal water level, and water plants without dragging a hose around the cage (see product 4).

Safety Tip #3 – Pool Safety Fence: Even with a perimeter fence and pool cage, a pool safety fence adds a layer of protection you can’t put a price on; loved ones. A pool safety fence coupled with our Trident™ Magnetic Pool Latch with a SAFE-NOTCH feature to deter climbing incidents (see product 5), ensures the pool gate will stay closed with strong magnetic closing power.

Some states and municipalities offer strict guidelines or building codes for homeowners with backyard pools. We recommend checking with your local policies or building codes.

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