Benefits of Product Warranties

August 17, 2021

Protection and Peace of Mind

The Benefits of Warrantied Fencing and Gate Products

Installing a fence and gate is an investment in a space – everything from a backyard to a public park or an industrial lot. The fence and gate can provide added security and privacy and can enhance the overall value of the property. This, in turn, can deliver peace of mind.

Gate and fencing hardware are subject to constant use and wear and tear. Consider how many times a gate is opened and closed in a person’s backyard over a period of ten years. Using products with extended warranties delivers additional comfort and ensures your investment is secured.

Fence and gate component manufacturers set out to engineer and manufacture products that are built to last. Despite this commitment, unforeseen circumstances can contribute to a product that does not live up to expectations. When that happens, having a warrantied product means you can secure a quicker repair without added costs for you as the owner or installer.

Further, a lifetime or extended warranty offers the opportunity to take a chance on a new product knowing it will be replaced if anything happens.

Evaluating a Warranty: A Checklist

When it comes to fencing and gates, what should a warranty include?

If a company offers a warranty, that warranty should clearly articulate that the manufacturer has confidence in its products and is prepared to do the right thing if a product fails or does not live up to expectations.

First, look for what is covered by the warranty. Will the company replace, repair, or provide a better product if its initial component breaks or fails? What restrictions apply? What is the time frame connected to the warranty? Are there exceptions to the warranty, and what are they? How quickly will the manufacturer make good on its promise? And who is responsible for fulfilling the warranty?

Selecting a warranty that covers a realistic lifespan will ensure the best protection. Some products may have shorter warranties based on purpose and function and will need to be replaced sooner.

A good warranty will cover materials as well as loss of functionality in the product.

To guarantee the warranty stays valid, installation technicians must closely follow the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Improper installation is often the quickest way to invalidate a warranty.

Once the product is properly installed, it is best to conduct regular inspections on gates and fences to ensure their ongoing durability and to spot any challenges within the time frame covered by the warranty.  

A solid warranty will spell out specifics, identify any exceptions, and ensure the longest lifespan.

The Nationwide Standard

Nationwide Industries™ stands behind all its products with an extended or million-cycle warranty. To certify Nationwide Industries’ commitment to its products, the million-cycle warranty is maintained on eleven popular vinyl, moving components, including the Trident™, AquaLatch®, ArmorLatch®, Keystone®, Keystone®X, Keystone®X2, CornerStone®, Cornerstone®2, MANTA®, OrnaMag®, and the Heavy-Duty Self-Closing Ball Bearing Hinge.

For product testing at Nationwide Industries, salt spray testing is a key component. Products are placed in a machine for weeks or months with saltwater air and spray to simulate a corrosive environment in a sped-up timeframe, confirming how components would perform in the field. 

In addition, to test moving products such as the CornerStone® hinges, a pneumatic opener replicates usage over a period of a year to assess how many cycles can be run without any repairs or decrease in functionality.

An extended warranty from a company that stands by its products creates the kind of security and comfort that contractors, installers, and homeowners all seek. It can serve as a differentiator, helping everyone involved to choose a quality product that is engineered to stand the test of time.