Creating the Backyard Oasis

June 18, 2021

For years, homeowners have recognized the inherent value of an enhanced outdoor living space. Factor in a global pandemic that locked people down in their own houses, and 2020 was the year that drove many homeowners to ask: How can someone build an oasis right outside my home – a safe, private space of my own with fresh air that doesn’t require me to go very far? 

It is a trend that promises to have staying power.  

More time outside for more reasons – work, play, relaxation, exercise – drives the need for enhanced privacy. According to Forbes, the more private the outdoor living space is, the more desirable the home is. Whether it is a small side yard or a large private backyard, the need for a secure area is on the rise. 

Attractive, durable fences play a key role in creating private areas for firepits and comfortable seating, all contributing to a safer way to socialize.

Every Latch, Every Hinge, Every Detail

Creating those secure spaces for discerning homeowners means sourcing and selecting reliable hardware that makes fences and gates long lasting and aesthetically pleasing. Nationwide Industries is the recognized leader in providing durable, versatile hardware products to fencing and railing contractors across the nation. We have the largest and most diverse product array of latches, hinges, locks, and other key components for every kind of fence. 

For customers with a swimming pool, the Trident Safety Pool Latch features significant vertical tolerance, helping to avoid sagging gates and simplifying installation. The SAFE-NOTCH® engages if someone climbs on the gate, ensuring it stays closed and secure no matter what. 

Take the Gate Saver Pro, which prevents and fixes sagging gates with a simple twist, increasing the longevity of the gate or fence. The Gate Saver Pro is adjustable without professional assistance, an immense value proposition for homeowners. It accommodates wood gates from 36 to 72 inches wide. 

Finials are the perfect finishing touch for fences. Fleur de Lis, Quad or Triad finials in aluminum and steel take residential and commercial fences to the next level by adding a unique detail. 

Let Nationwide Industries help you find the perfect solution for your next project. Visit us at Nationwide Industries.