Exceeding Expectations a Million Times Over

August 14, 2022

Just how many is a million? It’s one thousand, thousand. One million pennies stacked on top of each would build a tower about a mile high.  And, for most people, reaching millionaire status is a dream achievement. So, when the Nationwide Industries’ team set out to create an industry-leading quality standard for our hinges, a Million Cycle Warranty seemed only fitting. It communicates our company’s confidence in each hinge’s ability to withstand frequent and long-term use.   

According to Nationwide Industries’ Quality Supervisor, Carl Simmonds, to certify hinge quality the company performs a baseline evaluation equal to the number of warrantied cycles – testing each part to at least one million uses. A benchmark this high requires rigorous cycle testing – internal analysis, and testing conducted by an independent third party to ensure an unbiased review and optimal results. The process takes about one year.

Nationwide Industries’ testing methodology involves several steps, including

  • Out-of-the-box installation of the hinge on a simulator gate (in other words, just the way you would do it —no special tools or parts)
  • Non-stop gate operation – this test stand pushes the gate open and closed about 10 hours per day, 5 days a week
  • Daily checks – tracking and monitoring any/all wear and tear on the hinge hardware

On what our team refers to as a “wind farm,” the company set up multiple gate simulators, simultaneously testing hinges on standard, 4 x 6 and 6 x 6 gates in all material types (vinyl, wood, and metal) weighing in at 55 to 150 pounds. Point load testing is also part of Nationwide’s assessment – this makes it possible for us to evaluate the lever load that our hinges can tolerate when under stress.

Part of the extensive testing process includes routine maintenance conducted by our engineers. Doing so allows us to share inspection, cleaning, and upkeep best practices for all moving parts –equipping homeowners and contractors with the information and instructions they need to keep their gate hinges operating reliably for a lifetime.

So, why does Nationwide Industries choose to test, and warranty hinges the way we do? Because we care about two things above all else. First is the reputation of every professional who chooses to use one of our hinges when installing or repairing a gate. The other equally important priority is the safety and security of every home and property owner. They are counting on their gate to stand up to constant use – allowing only those who are welcome to move in and out of their property easily. At Nationwide Industries, we put your business at the center of ours.

Typically, when folks think of innovation, they go straight to technology. But at Nationwide Industries, we start with people and work back, focusing on delivering solutions that anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

Get all the details behind the products we back with the Nationwide Million Cycle Warranty.

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