Introducing the Trident™ Safe Signal™ Magnetic Pool Latch

May 3, 2024

Trident Safe Signal

With swimming season just on the horizon, pool safety is at the top of the agenda. Watchful eyes and gravity latches are great, but at Nationwide Industries®, we’ve taken it a step further with our innovative magnetic pool safety latch systems. New for 2024, we’ve introduced a new addition to our Trident™ line. It takes your magnetic pool safety latch to a whole new level!

Unveiling the Trident™ Safe Signal™: Revolutionizing Pool Safety

Say hello to the game-changer in pool safety, the Trident™ Safe Signal™ by Nationwide Industries®. This state-of-the-art magnetic latch not only adds a touch of style, but also provides greater peace of mind for you and your loved ones around the pool.
Let’s dive into the distinctive features that make the Trident™ Safe Signal™ Magnetic Pool Latch stand out amongst its competitors:

TWO AUDIBLE WARNINGS | With our two-stage alarm system, you’ll be alerted when your pool gate latch is initially operated.  A second more persistent beeping alarm, paired with our innovative visual system, sounds when it’s left open for more than 15 seconds.
At a robust 90 decibels, about as loud as a typical dog barking, you can hear the alarm from all areas around your pool.

VISUAL WARNING | When your magnetic pool gate latch system is engaged, we’ve paired it with brilliant blue flashing LEDs for added safety. Visible from 360-degrees, this system provides increased protection during nighttime pool use. The bright lights let you know that your pool gate is either in operation or left open.

FAST & EASY INSTALLATION | The Trident™ Safe Signal™ is easy to install without special tools. You’ll need a tape measure and power drill. Our self-tapping screws will do the rest!
As one of our hardware installers put it:
Installing the Trident™ Safe Signal™ was a seamless setup! It’s quick, easy, and ensures your safety without any fuss.

Embrace a more serene pool environment this summer by elevating your situational awareness with the Trident™ Safe Signal™.

Ready to take the plunge into enhanced pool safety?
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Here’s to safer and more enjoyable pool days!