Keystone X and X2 3D Installation Videos

January 21, 2022

Nationwide Industries Releases New Keystone X and X2 3D Installation Videos

Installation instructions are helpful when on the job site installing products, but installation videos take it to the next level. These 3D installation videos allow installers to see, hear and read step-by-step instructions of our best-selling products.

Nationwide Industries™ recently released the Cornerstone CH200F Hinge, Trident Pool Latch, KLADV-P1 Latch and KLADV-P2 Latch installation videos to expand their library of digital resources.

In addition to the resourceful 3D installation videos released in the past months, two new videos have been released for the Keystone X and X2 One-Sided External Gate Latches as well as the Keystone X and X2 Two-Sided External Gate Latches.

Keystone X and X2 One-Sided External Gate Latches
Keystone X and X2 Two-Sided External Gate Latches

Each Keystone X and X2 latch are made with a heavy-duty latch and strike bar which fits either right or left-handed gates. With easy installation, the long-lasting innovative design of the Keystone X and X2 latches make the list of Nationwide Industries best-sellers.

The KLX-P1, KLX-P2, KLX2-P1, and KLX2-P2 are all backed by the Million Cycle Warranty.

For more videos on Nationwide products, check out the video page or the YouTube channel.

About Nationwide Industries:

Founded in 1990, Nationwide Industries is the recognized leader in providing durable, versatile hardware products to fencing and railing contractors in the United States and Canada. With the industry’s largest and most diverse product array, the company offers 2,000 SKUs of latches, hinges, locks and other key components for every kind of fencing – aluminum, steel, vinyl, wood, chain link, and pool and patio enclosures. Nationwide holds 29 patents on products developed for the industry and is committed to constant innovation. From its headquarters in Tampa, Fl., Nationwide Industries operates a robust international distribution network and a dedicated team of customer service professionals committed to proper product selection and ease of installation. For more information, visit