Nationwide Industries Introduces Patent-Pending Self-Closing Gate Hinge

March 31, 2021

New Product’s Distinctive Design Delivers Greater Durability, Enhanced Operability

Nationwide Industries, a leader in providing durable, versatile hardware products to fencing and railing contractors in the United States and Canada, is arming those professionals with a versatile new tool for the operation of gates on properties of all kinds – the Heavy Duty Self-Closing Hinge. Backed by testing, the patent-pending hinge is engineered to deliver enhanced safety and ease of operation.  

Unlike other products currently available in the marketplace, the Heavy Duty Self-Closing Hinge features ball bearings on both the top and bottom of the spring, which enables a gate to open and close more smoothly and efficiently. The hinge features adjustable tension, easy-to-adjust closing speeds, and horizontal adjustment.

“Contractors and installers alike want to deliver peace of mind when they select and install gate solutions for their customers. Homeowners and property owners have that same expectation, and at Nationwide Industries, this mandate drives everything we do from a product development perspective,” said Erik Timothy, director of engineering at Nationwide Industries. “The distinctive operation of the Heavy Duty Self-Closing Ball Bearing Hinge transforms a gate into even more reliable protection from intrusion, and its heavy-construction commercial design means it is built to last.”

During the product’s development phase, the Heavy Duty Self-Closing Hinge underwent testing that included more than 500,000 cycles on a 200-pound, 6’-by-6’ gate, ensuring that the product was primed for rigorous, repetitive use over a long period of time. The hinge comes in the same dimensions as the standard Heavy Duty Ball Bearing Hinge but with additional height and a tension spring. Each set includes one self-closing hinge and one dummy hinge. The product is currently available in steel weld-on.

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About Nationwide Industries:

Founded in 1990, Nationwide Industries is the recognized leader in providing durable, versatile hardware products to fencing and railing contractors in the United States and Canada. With the industry’s largest and most diverse product array, the company offers 2,000 SKUs of latches, hinges, locks and other key components for every kind of fencing – aluminum, steel, vinyl, wood, chain link, and pool and patio enclosures. Nationwide holds 29 patents on products developed for the industry and is committed to constant innovation. From its headquarters in Tampa, Fl., Nationwide Industries operates a robust international distribution network and a dedicated team of customer service professionals committed to proper product selection and ease of installation. For more information, visit