Pool Safety Checklist for Summer 2022

May 17, 2022

Stay safe with this pool safety checklist

Summer is fast approaching and if you are a swimming pool owner, that means removing the covering that’s been on since the fall and dreaming of fun pool days on the horizon. From planning pool parties, early morning swims, relaxing in the water as the sun bakes, or just merely dipping your toes in the cool water on a hot July day, owning a pool is a great privilege and a lot of fun.

But it also comes with some responsibilities to keep you, your family, friends, and guests safe during pool season. We have compiled a quick checklist of simple steps you can take to keep everyone that visits your pool safe this summer.

Keep an eye out on your guests — especially children

Never leave children unattended at your pool. Assign a family member or yourself to keep watch to ensure they are safe and visible. If a child goes missing check the pool first. Always have a charged phone on hand to call in an emergency. Two words: constant supervision.

Learn how to swim

This may sound obvious but take swimming lessons if you own a pool! You might have to jump in for a rescue —plus it’s a good skill to have and it’s fun. If you have kids, make sure they know how to swim as well.

Know CPR

Again, this is in case of an extreme emergency but knowing CPR can help save a life (not only by your pool – but it is also a good skill to have overall). Take CPR lessons and be prepared for any emergency that might occur.

Set some ground rules

Remember when you were a kid and the pool you visited every summer had those rules? There was a reason for those rules and the same ones should apply to your own pool. As a pool owner, rules like no running, no diving in the shallow end, or glass bottles in the pool area will ensure everyone stays safe but will still have lots of fun.

Have the proper equipment

Chances are pool fencing is required in your state. That’s where gate hinges and pool latches come in, like the Trident Safety Pool Latch. Be sure to have fencing with a self-closing or self-locking gate to not only secure your pool with invited guests but also those that are uninvited. In insurance terms, your pool could be an “attractive nuisance” to others.  If they are injured using your pool without your permission you could still be liable. Be sure to fit your pool with a cover to prevent anyone from falling into the water, too.

Make a splash with Nationwide Industries

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And, to help you learn more about pool safety, we created a special page that includes tips and checklists to help get your own pool ready for summer and stay safe all season long. Learn how today.

Feel free to share our complete safety checklist with your customers — together we can create safer pool environments.