Boulevard Clamps

CL-5070 - CL-5081

Boulevard Clamps, Pressed Steel, 1-3/8″ X 1-3/8″, Set of 2


Pressed Steel Boulevard Clamp

Available Part Numbers

CL-5070: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-3/8″X1-3/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5070-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-3/8″X1-3/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5071: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-3/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5071-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-3/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5072: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5072-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-5/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5073: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-3/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5073-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-3/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5074: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5074-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-5/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5075: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-3/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5075-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-3/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5076: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5076-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-5/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5077: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-7/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5077-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-7/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5078: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-7/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5078-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,2-7/8″X1-5/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5080: Blvd Clamp,Ps,3-1/2″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5080-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,3-1/2″X1-5/8″,Bk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5081: Blvd Clamp,Ps,4″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5081-BK: Blvd Clamp,Ps,4″X1-5/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)