End Clamps

CL-5082 - CL-5093

Pressed Steel End Clamp

Available Part Numbers

CL-5082: End Clamp,Ps,1-3/8″X1-3/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5082-BK: End Clamp,Ps,1-3/8″X1-3/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5083: End Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-3/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5083-BK: End Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-3/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5084: End Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5084-BK: End Clamp,Ps,1-5/8″X1-5/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5085: End Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-3/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5085-BK: End Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-3/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5086: End Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5086-BK: End Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-5/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5087: End Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-7/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5087-BK: End Clamp,Ps,1-7/8″X1-7/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5088: End Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5088-BK: End Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-5/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5089: End Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-7/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5089-BK: End Clamp,Ps,2-3/8″X1-7/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5090: End Clamp,Ps,2-7/8″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5090-BK: End Clamp,Ps,2-7/8″X1-5/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5091: End Clamp,Ps,2-7/8″X1-7/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5091-BK: End Clamp,Ps,2-7/8″X1-7/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5092: End Clamp,Ps,4″X1-5/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5092-BK: End Clamp,Ps,4″X1-5/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)
CL-5093: End Clamp,Ps,4″X1-7/8″, (Set Of 2)
CL-5093-BK: End Clamp,Ps,4″X1-7/8″,Blk, (Set Of 2)