Keystone® Latch – One-Sided (Nylon)


      Keystone Latch – Nylon One-Sided Gate Latch. Lockable from one side, easy to install, and works with all fence and gate types. Million Cycle Warranty included.

      • Heavy duty design with weather resistant glass-filled nylon construction
      • All Keystone® Latches are available in Nylon or Metal and in Black or White
      • Heavy duty striker design on every Keystone® Latch
      • Features latch side only
      • 20 each per case @ 17lbs
      Available Part Numbers

      KLADV-P1: Kladv-P1
      KLADV-P1-BK: Keystone®, Nylon,
      KLADV-P1-BK-KA: Keystone®, Nylon,
      KLADV-P1-NL-BK: Keystone®, Nylon,One-Side, No Lock, Black
      KLADV-P1SD-BK: Keystone®, Nylon,
      KLADV-P1SD-WH: Keystone®, Nylon,
      KLADV-P1-WH: Keystone®, Nylon,
      KLADV-P1-WH-KA: Keystone®, Nylon,
      KLADV-P1ZD-BK: Keystone®, Nylon,
      KLADV-P1ZD-WH: Keystone®, Nylon,