Choosing the Right Hardware for Your Wood Fence

December 6, 2022

Endless Material Options for Fence & Gate Hardware Part 2

Picking the right fence is a big decision. The finished product is the result of a series of choices such as durability, maintenance, aesthetics and cost — all of which owners must consider when choosing both the style and material of their fence.

In part one of this series, we took a deep dive into the best hinges and latches for a vinyl fence gate. In part two, we’ll identify hinge and latch combinations to consider when installing a wood fence and gate.

“I recommend that homeowners first think about what they want and need from their fence before sitting down with a contractor,” says Rich Hornack, inside sales and services manager at Nationwide Industries. “Is price the biggest factor, are they concerned about upkeep and maintenance, or is the design and look of their fence a key priority? Knowing what you value most will make planning and ownership a better experience for everyone.”

Wood Fencing

Still the “king” of fencing, according to Bob Vila, wood fencing and gates provide naturally beautiful ways to add security and privacy to any residential property. Fences made from solid wood — cedar, redwood, or pressure-treated pine — remain a homeowner’s favorite because they are more traditional and long-lasting (as long as 20 years). An article from This Old House reviews the options from picket to privacy and lattice to ranch rail. 

Choosing a wood fence has its “pros.” Wood does tend to be more eco-friendly, budget-friendly (depending on the type of wood, length of planks, and style), and design-friendly – easily customized based on paint or stain choices and through gate hardware. 

Here’s a few of our favorite gate hardware accessories that not only offer superior functionality and durability, but they’re beautiful too!  

On the other hand, wood fencing has its “cons.” Wood fences are vulnerable to weather, such as strong storm winds or harsh winters, and can be susceptible to termites, mold, and rot. And while wood fences look fantastic when they’re first installed, to keep the appearance up, they require annual maintenance – including cleaning and staining or painting. Without proper upkeep, a wood fence can become warped, begin to lean, and will need to be replaced. 

Gate Hinges and Latches

Often an afterthought, the hinges, latches and handles on a wood gate can make all the difference in a homeowner’s satisfaction with their fence and, ultimately, their review of you, their contractor. When repairing or replacing a gate, we recommend asking and understanding answers to key questions like

  • Does their gate sag?
  • Is its functionality reliable?
  • Does it provide the necessary security? 
  • How often is the gate used?

Truth is, over the years, we’ve learned from fence professionals that homeowners’ most common complaints are related to sagging gates. The likely cause is the gate is too heavy for the hinges or there is loosening of the hinge system due to frequent use. Eventually this impacts accessibility and determines how easy or difficult it is to enter and exit their fenced-in area. The Gate Saver Pro 2.0 is the perfect solution to prevent and fix sagging gates by allowing easy adjustability at any time. Be prepared to present options that will meet their lifestyle needs instead of going with the “standard offering.”

Consider one of our all-in-one wood gate kits – they are simple, comprehensive solutions for gate hardware.

At Nationwide Industries, we recommend fence professionals prioritize investing the time to talk with prospective clients and identify their specific needs beyond just the choice of fencing material and linear feet required to generate an estimate. Essentially, interview them to uncover their expectations and discuss the usability of the fence and gate. After all, a new fence is a significant investment, and their satisfaction can result in future referrals.

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