Craftsmanship built on integrity

March 25, 2022

Since 2009, Jason and Sara Hurst, owners of Integrous, have had one goal for their fence business: give their customers the best value and put people at the center. It’s paid off. They’ve grown from an employee of one to more than 40 today. 

Initially called The Fence Experts, the company went through branding change in 2019 to better reflect the growth and expanding portfolio of products — decking, railing, and gates — and services they offer. Now Integrous, a form of integrity, describes in one word not only how they operate their business but how they treat people, both internally and externally. It’s their most important value.

“For us, Integrous means that our business is about far more than what we do; it’s about who we are,” said the Hursts. “It’s about dedication to our employees, who are part of our family. It’s our way of thinking about how we treat each other and serve our customers.”

Located in Gap, Pennsylvania, a suburb in Lancaster — County west of Philadelphia — serves as a suburban rural mix. They service a wide geographic area, including central and eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, and Maryland.

The company is committed to its craft and uncompromising quality, which its projects show. Integrous recently won third place in the Nationwide Industries 2021 photo contest with a beautiful wood fence and gate project. They used 8-inch Ornamental Double Strap Hinges with Heavy-Duty Gravity Latch with Floating Bar.

Because they are close to horse country, they’ve built several impressive gates, including driveway gates. Instead of creating an ordinary gate any car passes through, they custom-designed wood and metal gates or statement pieces.

A recent piece, for the Four Winds Farm in Gap, was a driveway gate to keep random drivers off the property. Using a steel frame gate clad with red cedar — made to match the other gates in the area — it was finished with Nationwide Industries Heavy-Duty Ball Bearing Hinge (HDBY-SBM-SBM) and the Liftmaster LA500 Operator.

“We use Nationwide Industries product in a lot of areas of our business,” said Jonathan Hurst, operations manager for Integrous. “Nationwide Industries products are low maintenance, and their hinges are flexible for our projects, which help to align things.”

Jonathan and the Integrous team rarely use a product without looking at a sample in person. “We need to touch and feel the product to see how it’s going to work.”

Nationwide Industries has passed the test again and again. “We always use Nationwide Industries self-closing adjustable aluminum hinges,” added Jonathan. “They are easy to install.”

When you combine two companies committed to its craft — innovative designs and quality hardware — the end product is both spectacular, and long-lasting.