Vinyl 5″ Gate Kit


The Vinyl 5″ Gate Kit has everything you need in one package – quality hardware, convenience, and peace of mind. Includes the Cornerstone® 2 Fully Adjustable Hinge, Keystone® Traverse 500, and Nylon Gate Handle. Million Cycle Warranty.

Vinyl 4″ Gate Kit


Kit Contents

Cornerstone® 2 Fully Adjustable Hinge

  • Horizontally adjustable up to 1.0″
  • Vertically adjustable up to 1.0″
  • Fits both right and left-hand applications
  • 1/4″ Allen wrench included for easy Turn-N-Go tension adjustment
  • Safe, anti-climb design

Keystone® Traverse 500

  • Fits 5″ Fence Posts
  • Reversible for mounting/install
  • No drilling holes through post
  • Lock & unlocks from both sides
  • Uses a 6-pin key cylinder

Nylon Gate Handle

  • Made with durable glass-filled nylon with UV inhibitors
  • Flanges are each 1.5″(W) x1.25″(D) for durable attachment
  • Overall height is 5″ and handle is .75″ deep
  • Very comfortable and easy to grasp
Available Part Numbers

NWKIT-VNYL-5: Vinyl 5In Kit